From the Principal’s Desk

7 July, 2014

On behalf of the Milan Soccer School Singapore, I would like to wish you a warm welcome to the 2016-2017 season, our second full year of operation under the auspices of the AC Milan Academy trainers.


The AC Milan Academy Scuola Calcio global network is fast making its mark in the world of youth soccer development, and enjoys a unique position in Singapore. Compared to all other soccer school programs, the Milan Junior program is the only one practicing a fully integrated youth development system from a major European Club’s Academy. The program includes not just training and matches, but also the Milan Lab from tracking physiological development with linkage of the laboratory and the training department directly to the main lab at Milanello and the youth sector centre at Vismara. Communications between the local AC Milan Soccer Schools and the centre in Vismara and Casa Milan continue, even throughout the off-season, on a daily basis. From Milan, we also have full multimedia communications support for educational and entertainment content, which we disseminate in Singapore thru social media. We, also, have fully overhauled our informational website ( so as to be state-of-the-art user friendly, along with our new project of updating our former Club website for competition results and news ( We have instituted surveying systems and mobil apps ( to have better 2-way communications with our constituents and supporters. And we are always looking for better ways to partner with our players and their parents.


This year, we have relocated much of our operations to The Merlion Sports City, as the facility has received AC Milan Academy accreditation for hosting Milan Soccer School in Singapore. However, growth of the program has been so dramatic, that even this new facility does not have the capacity to support all of our operations. We are, again, expanding our staff to include a full time administrator, and bringing an additional goalkeeper coach from Italy, to supplement our technical staff made up of our Technical Director form the AC Milan Academy, 2 coaches seconded from AC Milan, our long-ter, local coaching staff overseeing the early-childhood programs, and apprentice coaches from time to time, in order to give them exposure to the AC Milan system.


We want to take this opportunity to, once again, thank Electrolux Singapore for their sponsorship with regards to supporting our technical staff upgrades during the past year. Through their generour support, we were able to not only build a U16/Allievi program, but saw this team challenge as finalists in the Singa Cup, a hard-fought annual regional tournament in Singapore. We do also want to stress the importance between the private sector businesses and proper sporting organizations in supporting each other’s growth and development thru sponsorship programs and appropriate returns on the sponsor’s investment. This is especially true in Singapore, where facilities tend to require higher financial servicing than in most other locations. Specifically, the areas of administration, equipment and facilities development (storage facilities and spectator weather-protection) are areas of need and opportunity. We are currently seeking a sponsorships to finance our purchases of equipment for the coming system, but, more importantly, also to support, through CSR funding, local players who desire the highest level of self-development offered by the AC Milan Academy training program. With our immediate track record of success. both programs can be visibly branded for the right sponsors. And we are looking for candidates as a shirt-sponsor which carries the highest visibility in Singapore and even throughout the globe with news releases on the global AC Milan websites.


We look towards a year of exciting and creative innovation, and the introduction of a very structured training regimen with some highly productive results. From the 3 year old Dinomites, to the 19 year old Juniors, and all age groups in between, the effect of The AC Milan Way on our players has already begun to demonstrate its benefits and effectiveness.


We hope you Join Us and Be Part Of It!



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