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2017 – 2018 season

Welcome to the Registration Page of Academy  Junior Football for the 2017-2018 season.

This page describes the times and days of the training sessions, outlines the age groupings of the program, and defines the terms and costs of the program.  Our registration guidelines and practices have been developed under the guidance of the AC Milan Junior program’s Commercial Department at Casa Milan. Academy Junior Football has a policy of supporting members who wish to pursue of top level European-style training from a major Club’s Academy.

Training Venues: MERLION SPORTS CITY, 790A Dunearn Rd at Swiss Club Rd and THE CAGE SPORTS PARK, Turf City

Sports Season Dates – 2017/2018:

  • Term 1: 1/8/17-7/10/17
  • Term 2: 10/10/17-16/12/17
  • Term 3: 9/1/18-24/3/18
  • Term 4: 27/3/18-2/6/18

Session Times*: (duration of all sessions is 90-120 minutes unless noted)

  • U3/4/5 Dinomites Program (2013 2014 2015) –SAT 10-11AM
  • U6 Age Division (2011 and 2012) – TU 5PM, FR 5PM, SAT 8AM
  • U8 Age Division (2009 and 2010) – TU 5PM, FR 5PM, SAT 8AM
  • U10 Age Division (2007 and 2008) – TU 5PM, FR 5PM, SAT 8AM
  • U12 Age Division (2005 and 2006) – TU 5PM, FR 5PM, SAT 8AM
  • U14 Age Division (2003 and 2004) – TU & FR 7PM
  • U16 Age Division (2001 and 2002) – TU & FR 7PM
  • Open Age Division (1997 1998 1999 2000) – TU & FR 7PM
  • Goalkeepers: TU & FR 5-7PM & 7-9PM, SAT 8-9:30AM (second hour is with team)

* Training session times and location are subject to change at the discretion of the management and especially in cases where a minimum number of 12 players do not sign up for a session.


Our Dinomites Program for pre-school children (aged 2-4 years) runs for 10 sessions at a fee of $400. The fee is payable no later than the start of the second session attended. Kit is included in the fee, and free updates are available as your child grows.


  1. The annual Registration Fee is $195 per year, applies to all participants except the Dinomites and Girls, and includes 1 set of training kit. The annual registration year runs from 1 Sept to 31 Aug.
  2. Sunday League play is available to all players U6 (2011) through U16 (2001). League play for players born in 2000 and before is by individual arrangement. Therefore, for these players, there is no need to pay the league fee until advised by your coach.
  3. The League Fee (U6 thru U16) is a semi-annual fee for the duration of the League to which a player is assigned and covers League Entry, team management and coaching costs. (The basis of the league fee calculation is similar to costings of the training fee.) The fee is $350 for the half year. In addition,  all league players are required to purchase at least one match kit at $50. We play in the JSSL League and the 442/ESPzen League.
  4. Player Insurance – despite the best of efforts, accidents due happen. Therefore, this is a compulsory item for all players. For this purpose, we have arranged a special coverage with Allied World for all players during the Sport Season of August 2017 through June 2018, for all training sessions and matches. All players’ medical Expenses for injury due to accident will be covered, up to a total of S$3,500. Other AD&D coverage is also included. Details will be made available soon on our website.
  5. The training costs are charged as installments by the term (10 weeks). We charge one Training Membership fee of $495 which entitles the member to UNLIMITED ACCESS to all training sessions in the term. Academy Junior Football does not publish rates nor do we sell training on a per session basis. A special Girls Training Membership is also available for $390 which entitles female members to UNLIMITED ACCESS to all training sessions in the term.
  6. Additional training kit sets are available at $40.
  7. An additional set of match kit (home) is $50.
  8. Kit components may also be purchased separately: Match Jersey – $40, Training Jersey – $30, Shorts (Match or Training) – $15, Socks (Match or Training) – $10

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Terms and Conditions

If you have already subscribed for the 2017-2018 season prior to the season start, but your family is relocated from Singapore prior to 1 August, all dues and fees paid for the season will be reimbursed. We must be informed of relocation, with documentation, prior to the first session of the season as. once the season starts, fees are not refundable.

Training dues and other fees will not be reimbursed for non-attendance. Players can attend core training sessions at any session during the term. For no reason, other than relocation prior to the start of the season, as stated above, will any dues or fees for registration or core/specialty training sessions be reimbursed. Dues and fees are for the specific player and cannot be transferred to another player. Dues and fees paid for a specific specialty course may not be transferred to another specialty course. In all cases, all members must pay the Annual Registration Fee in full prior to any activities (except the no-obligation trial) and must sign all forms required. Annual Registration dues and fees are valid for the period 1 September to 31 August and cannot be pro-rated.

NOTE: Membership is on an annual (i.e. full year) basis (from 1/9/17, or starting date if later,  to 31/8/18). Training membership dues are paid on a per-term installment basis. Written notice must be received by Academy Junior Football Pte Ltd 30 days prior to the beginning of the subsequent term in order for the current term to be considered the last term of dues billing. Failure to comply will result in one more billing cycle (one more term) before termination of membership.

Please CLICK HERE for the complete Terms & Conditions governing all memberships.

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