Milan Soccer School Trials

7 July, 2014

TRIALS FOR PLAYER SPONSORSHIPS for players requiring financial assistance will commence on 11 August and run through the end of month. Approximately 10 positions will be offered. Candidates for these positions must first display family financial need in order to enter the trial. Trial players may attend all training sessions to prepare for final evaluation. Please write to and request information and application for the trial to enter the Sponsored-Player Program.

Successful candidates for player sponsorship will have access to all training sessions. Attendance at technical training sessions is not mandatory. Maintenance of technical skills and ability is mandatory. Attendance at tactical training sessions is mandatory. Acceptance of calls to matches for sponsored-players is mandat0ry. One excused absence on grounds of either compassionate or exam basis is allowed. Any unexcused absence or application for a second excused absence will result in suspension from the program for the balance of the season.  Players suspended for absence may not attend any training sessions during the current season and may reapply next season.

Trialling for Milan Soccer School is an important step in the process of becoming an AC Milan player as it is an opportunity for the player’s current level to be assessed so that he/she may be assigned to a team playing at the level equivalent to the players capabilities, preferably neither above or below. This enables the player to concentrate on his/her development using the competition as a measure of achievement and progress.
A Trial is  necessary for all Milan Programmes apart from the Primi Calci or Piccoli Amici (age 8 and below). A Trial does not mean a place is guaranteed on any team. Every player on Trial needs to be able to slot into our already established working groups, in a position where the player is both able to learn from his/her teammates and also contribute to them.

Assessment is made on many levels. Players will be evaluated not only on their physical performance, technique and tactics but also on their attitude and mentality. To wear the prestigious jersey of A.C Milan is not for everyone, so put in all your effort and become a part of something much bigger.

Trials have already begun for all current players, and are on-going throughout a players career. Fall behind, and you will have to catch up. Develop faster and reap the rewards for your hard work.

New players and team evaluations for the coming year will begin with the early season training, during which preparation will be made for those players to tune themselves towards Super League or Championship League placements. Regular season training begins on 1 August. Final team assignments are expected to take place  during mid-September.

All team assignments will be at the discretion of the Technical Director, with input from his training staff.

So take steps to get ready. As always in football, what you did yesterday doesn’t count; its what you do today to prepare yourself for what you will do tomorrow.

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